Grime King Instant Car Wash Capsule is your all in one car cleaning solution all packed inside our handy Capsule.  You will receive

1x500ml Grime King Instant Car Wash,

2x 300GSM Premium Quality Microfibre cloths

1x LIT Instant Car Fresh air freshner

1x Interior detailing brush

Our  advanced formula provides a waterless car wash, that gives you a quick and easy solution to remove visible dirt, grime, oxidation and tar from your vehicle.  


Grime King Instant Car Wash contains Si02 commonly known as quartz ceramic coating which gives your cars paintwork protection against the elements as well as yielding a glossy protective waterproofing coating.  Theres a science to how these results are acheived, Nasa even uses Si02 to give space shuttles protection and heat resistance from the sun.  Si02 has an antibaterial effect because microbes landing on the surface cannot divide or replicate easily.


When you wash your car with Grime King Instant Car Wash your not only using a quick eco friendly solution to keeping your car clean you will also be helping those who live in water poverty, helping them to transform their communities.





Grime King CAPSULE

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