will it scratch

my car?


The Grime King formula has the ability to encapsulate and emulsify dirt particles by lifting them from the surface, (thus no scratching) preparing them for removal by the simple wipe of a microfibre cloth.  We recommend using 300gsm cloths which provide high absorbency and softness which helps to lift the dirt particles. 300 gsm microfibre cloths are available in our shop or comes with the Grime King Capsule.

will it damage the paint?


In fact it will protect the paint by sealing it with a resistant coating.  Grime King Instant Car Wash has Si02 an inorganic ceramic silica which is hydrophobic - meaning it minimises the ability for water to cling to the surface,  this will help water beading and reduce the risk if corrosion.  It also enhances a gloss shine colour and smoothness not achieved by traditional car wash methods.

what is it safe to use on?


You can use on bodywork, plastics, chrome, interior dash, clean your engine bay and mirrors.  Each bottle has multiple uses including removing bird droppings, road tar, oxidisation and tree sap and also leaves no residue, streaks or smears.

how long does a bottle last


You can easily get 5-6 car washes per bottle, its particularly useful if you've cleaned your car at the car wash and want to prolong the cleanliness of your car.    No more wash your car today dirty tomorrow, you can now keep your car clean at all times with Grime King Instant Car Wash