In line with our ambition to create a more sustainable society, Grime King strives for awareness of an  eco friendly car cleaning solution.  Our products maximise the reduction of water utilisation of  approximately 95%-100% per car wash.

Green and sustainable resources are key issues that are being addressed as we look for a cleaner and greener living lifestyle to preserve our environment.

Nations worldwide have increased awareness of the effects of the fuel we use in our vehicles which create air pollution.  Car manufacturers have invested heavily to create low carbon and zero carbon emission vehicles which now give customers a more sustainable choice of a less polluting vehicle.

At Grime King we also believe it is important that awareness is spread surrounding the damage caused by  car wash methods  and eco friendly alternative car cleaning products should be utilised to stop harm to our environment.

Did you know that the water from washing your car is often full of toxic chemicals that run into drains, sewers, lakes and rivers which have a harmful effect on plants and fish as well as approximately using 100 litres per wash!  


We love car culture! V8s V12s  customised cars but we also want to be responsible

make a difference